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If you’re in the market for a website with a shopping cart, now is the time to get the best price at First Dot. We are running a special for a limited period during which you can get 25% off the design price of an E-commerce site, Google AdWords setup and the monthly management of the campaign. The websites we create are attractive, on the cutting edge of technology and designed with PC users and mobile users in mind. The first thing we would do is create a landing page while your website is under construction like this client of ours: https://rbandg.co.za

You will agree that having an amazing website has no value without potential clients being aware of it. This why we are including a Google Ads Setup in the package. This will drive traffic to your website. We will set up ads that appear on page one for the relevant key phrases that your potential clients will search for. This means more business for you. We will setup up to 50 text ads and one image ad for R1950 less 25%. You would then decide on an advertising budget, which can be anything from R100 per input. The credit in your account will be used up each time you have a click through to your website and we will discuss and setup how fast or slow you want the funds to be depleted. It works by setting up a daily budget which you control. You can top up funds as regularly or irregularly as you like. So you’ll choose the top up budget each time you add funds when you want to. We can manage the campaign if you like for R950pm less 25%. Get in touch with us and we will put you on the path to an endless stream of potential sales.

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